22 janvier 2018 abella-de-la-conca-video-fotovertical

L’éco-refuge d’Abella de la Conca, en Catalogne

La vidéo

Abella de la Conca est un petit village près d’Isona. Nous y sommes allés plusieurs fois… et on y repartira, c’est sûr !

Abella de la Conca is having a new lease of life thanks to a not-for profit association (Abella Climb) established to develop a sustainable approach to outdoor activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, walking and permaculture based land management.

Behind Enzo Oddo’s ironic humour you’ll discover outstanding Verdonesque limestone, soaring rock arches, rare black vultures, one shoe ascents, breathtaking landscapes, hot saunas, cooling pools and the generous locals who share their beautiful village with us.

This special place, an all year destination, is one that’s very hard to leave…

Video in English, French and Catalan. Subtitles in English.
Featuring climbers: Caroline Ciavaldini , Enzo Oddo, Kevin Aglae, Klemen Bečan, James Pearson.
Music: Carrie Tree. ‘Hard to Leave’ from the album The Kitchen Table, Wild Cedar Records, 2009.
Filmmaker and video editor: Francisco Taranto Jr.

Made with the help of Abella Eco Refugi, Edelrid and Vaude, local microbrewery Ctretze Pirineus  and bird, watching organisation.

Producer: FotoVertical

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